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Changing the way we see Fashion.
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How Links by Gwen came to be!
Gwen Hodges is a self-taught designer, whose relationship with fashion came during a time in her life when she was at an all-time low. Gwen lost her job, and two of her best friends all in the same year. In 2010, while struggling with depression, Gwen decided to go shopping at a local arts & craft store and purchased the entire row of chains and a bag of jump rings. Desperate for something to distract herself from the pain of losing loved ones to cancer, she began linking together bits of chain with jump rings and found the repetitive handiwork therapeutic.

Distraction soon gave way to creativity, and the length of Hobby Lobby craft chain became her first dress. Seven years later, Gwen has created countless dresses; was invited to her first fashion show called Meet The Artist at Indianapolis Public Library: won a design award in Ohio; showcased her first runway collection in London in a show called the house of Ikon; expanded into jumpsuits, swimsuits and menswear; and embarked on preparations for her first runway show in Los Angeles for LA Fashion week 2017. 
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Every Link - Connected with Precision
Little things matter most
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All Designs are for Sale!
(Please contact us for inquiries regarding prices, sizes, and custom designs)

All designs are for sale! Please contact designer, Gwen Hodges if you have any questions!



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